Australia has kept its place on a key global corruption index for the first time in four years.

Nationals’ reluctance to question the NSW Government’s amalgamation plans could devalue their coalition.

A small parcel of CSG-rich Queensland has been set aside to produce gas for Australia only.

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner has resigned.

Victoria’s corruption watchdog has detailed the mind-bending waste of money that was the ‘Ultranet’ online education portal.

WA Labor says there are 16 possible causes for lead contamination among the 3000 defects at the trouble-plagued Perth Children's Hospital.

Engineers will review 1,500 South Australian bridges after structural problems emerged last week.

The decommissioning, remediation and rehabilitation of the Hazelwood power station site will cost at least $743 million.

Investigations into South Australia’s big September blackout have slowed progress on the Victorian interconnector.

Victoria’s EPA expects specialist drone pilots to take long flights in the name of the environment.

Victoria’s Alcoa aluminium smelter will be propped up by a big federal and state government funding package.

NSW Premier Mike Baird is retiring from politics.

The Social Services Department has not decided whether to expand trials of the cashless welfare card.

The Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will undergo its first major overhaul since it was established 45 years ago.

A number of key water projects have been promoted in an infrastructure report by Building Queensland.

South Australia will examine the potential benefits of a cannabis industry, while moves on the federal level are less clear.

Queensland Government documents have revealed that dozens of state schools are riddled with asbestos.

Workers are angry and safety issues have been raised in the SA Government’s attempt to close dozens of hospital beds.

Two paramedics unions have faced the IRC for telling members to shed parts of their uniforms during recent heatwaves.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has interjected into Australia’s renewable energy debate.

The Victorian premier is refusing to respond to formal enquiries...

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