A new code of conduct has been outlined for retirement villages in NSW.

Victoria Police has been criticised over its handling of criminal allegations against officers.

WA’s Police Commissioner has asked the state to fund body cameras.

The NSW Government has ordered its departments to find $1.6 billion in savings over the next four years.

New reports say Adani’s plans to protect pristine desert springs will not work.

Woolworths’ ban on single-use plastic bags starts today.

The Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) will fund a $516 million solar/hydro project in far north Queensland.

Authorities say it may one day be illegal to use a mobile phone while crossing the road.

Safety authorities have warned bosses against attending their employees’ medical checks.

The NSW Government is spending $880 million to digitise the state’s train signal system.

Queensland’s public sector wage bill has jumped by almost $1 billion, but the Treasurer says there is a good reason.

Advocates want NSW to create an Aboriginal child and family commissioner.

The South Australian Government has scrapped plans to work on treaties with the state's Aboriginal nations.

The NSW Government has been accused of ignoring its obligation to protect the Greater Blue Mountains world heritage area with a plan to heighten the Warragamba Dam.

Economic analysis has found the Northern Territory's coastal and marine environments are worth $2 billion per year ...

The people tasked with monitoring alcohol sales in the NT will be given guns, tasers and just 12 weeks of training.

A man who was restrained in a spit mask as a teenager in a Brisbane prison is suing the Queensland Government.

Energy Networks Australia says solar rooftop has flooded the network in Queensland.

NSW Parliament has passed a bill to ban protesters from outside abortion clinics.

A vaccination researcher says 'no jab no play' policies could see kids punished for the actions of their parents.

The NSW Government has agreed to release documents about some of its most controversial policies.

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