A new policy will require NSW public schools spend all of their funding within a year.

The Coalition has proposed using a government-owned company to build its own gas-fired power station.

The Northern Territory Government is spending $28 million on improving water quality in remote areas.

Green energy is now powering a central water pipeline in South Australia.

An audit has found a fund to protect Victorian businesses during COVID-19 lockdowns was failed by poor administration.

Major food delivery companies have committed to 50 new safety measures and other regulatory changes...

Asbestos has been found at more than 100 Queensland schools.

The SA Government is facing industrial action from health workers over an alleged privatisation agenda.

Regulators have approved planned costs for upgrading the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector.

A new report shows Australian governments spend $19,000 a minute in fossil fuel subsidies.

The NSW government is paying $100 million to stop coal mining on prime agricultural land.

The Northern Territory has torn up a $1.3 million contract for a Beetaloo Basin fracking study.

Radar satellites could become a central part of natural disaster planning.

The Federal Government has torn up Victoria’s Belt and Road agreements with China.

Locals are being kept in the dark over a major development in Moreton Bay.

The Victorian Government has opened its $100 million Ballarat GovHub.

The Victorian Government has put up $50 million for its own vaccine-making facility.

Victoria's state logging company VicForests could put Melbourne's drinking supply at risk by illegally logging.

Queensland is celebrating three-year-old labour hire reforms, and putting the hard word on the Federal Government.

The SA Government has struck a $1 billion energy deal with the Commonwealth.

The Victorian government has announced it will soon open the doors of three mass-vaccination hubs.

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