The Victorian Government has released a new Fundraising Code of Conduct that will see extensive reform to the state's political fundraising methodology.


Included reforms are:  

  • A Minister or Parliamentary Secretary or Government Member will no longer be able to solicit or receive direct donations.
  • Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and Government Members will not be permitted to operate any bank accounts for the receipt and distribution of campaign or political fundraising proceeds.
  • Corporate fundraising events can no longer promote privileged access to decision-makers or Ministers.
  • Neither ministerial offices nor department facilities can be used for political fundraising purposes.
  • Proceeds from fundraising events and activities of supporter groups will be required to be paid into an account with the central office of the Liberal or National Party organisations. Neither Members of Parliament nor Ministers will be able to manage these accounts.


In addition, for the first time the Government Code will also require public disclosure to the AEC within one month of receipt of any donation of more than $100,000 or when aggregate total receipts from a donor equal or exceed $100,000 in any one financial year.


Premier Ted Baillieu said the new Fundraising Code of Conduct was available to the Opposition and other parties and it would be up to those parties whether they would also adopt the new standards of the code and apply them to all fundraising activities.


"The new Fundraising Code of Conduct provides a clear set of guidelines and all Coalition members will be required to comply with it," Mr Baillieu said.