The Morrison government is looking for individual deals with states to help drive down power prices and ensure reliability.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor says the Commonwealth is open to partnering on joint projects, allowing states to address issues unique to them.

In a speech set to be delivered on Monday, Mr Taylor should outline “third path”, which comes after dealing with “foundational problems” at a COAG level and other “jurisdictional responsibilities”.

“I have begun early discussions on what they will look like,” the minister will tell the UBS Australasia conference in Sydney, according to a leaked copy of his speech.

“Each state is different and each deal will focus the particular challenges of that jurisdiction.”

Tasmania is expected to come up as an example, especially the two key projects - Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link.

“I will only do deals with states that are collaborative and bring something to the table,” Mr Taylor’s speech says.

State energy ministers are scheduled to meet in Perth on Friday, which Mr Taylor says comes after a year of “turning the tide on price”.

“2020 will be the year that locks those two items into the energy sector for the next decade and established a market that will carry us through to 2030,” he will say.

“We must get this right - we must avoid grand schemes and giant leaps and we must work collaboratively on the price and reliability challenges that impact the everyday lives of all Australians.”

Mr Taylor’s view is that there has been strong falls in the wholesale price in South Australia and Queensland, a mixed result in NSW and “serious concerns” in Victoria, which he blames on a lack of reliable generation in the market.