Students and teachers are frantically archiving the work they put on the “Ultranet” before it possibly disappears for good at the end of the month.

The Victorian Education department’s 4-year contract with NEC runs out on 30 June and there’s no decision to extend it. 

Here’s why:  According to Education Minister Martin Dixon says the Ultranet went three-times over budget, costing taxpayers $180 Million.  And for all that work and money, it’s used by only 4 per cent of the intended 1.5 million teachers, parents and students.  He calls it a "debacle".

But for those who did use it, the loss will be devastating.

“Staff are worried about the stuff they have put up – photos, comments,” says Troy Moncur, the leading ICT teacher at Nichols Point Primary, “if it's going to be terminated at the end of the financial year that wipes off 18 months of history of kids' work and activities.  We are not sure what to do.”