Preselection is complete for the Victorian seat that used to belong to Julia Gillard, with the former PM’s pick being officially endorsed by Labor.

The seat of Lalor has been vacated since the Labor party ousted Julia Gillard from the Prime Ministership in a leadership spill, leading to her announcement that she will now leave politics. The Lalor seat will now be contested by primary school principal Joanne Ryan, who had been endorsed as the best choice by the former PM.

Ms Ryan has said she shares Ms Gillard's passion for education reform: “I think Julia's supporting me because she knows the quality, she knows I will be a great candidate... she knows that I have this Lalor community at heart and she knows that I've got a track record in leading for this community.”

Meanwhile after long-serving Labor frontbencher Simon Crean announced he is leaving the political arena as well, his home seat of Hotham will now be contested by local councillor Geoff Lake.