Authorities have announced the official completion of a grid-scale battery at the Dalrymple substation on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula.

The ElectraNet 30 MW / 8 MWh grid-scale battery is expected to improve energy reliability for 4,500 households and businesses on the Yorke Peninsula by working together with the existing 90 MW Wattle Point Wind Farm and rooftop solar PV to provide back-up local supply.

In the event of a supply interruption from the electricity grid, the Dalrymple battery can provide 2-3 hours of electricity while connection to the grid is restored, and its fast frequency response capability will help improve system security across South Australia.

Through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Federal Government provided $12 million in funding toward the construction of the $30 million ElectraNet Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration (ESCRI) project which is now live and connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

At the time of commissioning, the battery was the first large-scale grid-connected battery to be designed, built and commercially operated in Australia largely with private investment from energy providers.

The project is one of four large-scale batteries in South Australia and Victoria that has received funding support from the Government through ARENA, including the battery installation at Lake Bonney in South Australia.