Queensland’s Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie, has announced he will conduct a full review of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, forming part of a broader review of property laws after amendments passed Parliament earlier this week.

Mr Bleijie said that ‘nothing would be left of the table’ in the review of the body corporate structure, which he said was long overdue.

“This will be an all-encompassing review to determine the best way forward for property legislation in the state,” Mr Bleijie said.

“The amendments made to the Act today were about righting a wrong and returning to a fair system by restoring the previous orders made by an independent tribunal.”

Mr Bleijie said he would specifically targeting legislation that allowed one person to move a motion to overrule the court order without dissent, which he described as blatantly unfair.

“Courts and tribunals are responsible for the delivery of justice in all other aspects of society and they are best-placed to make decisions on body corporate,” Mr Bleijie said.

“I have always maintained that this is a two stage process – to fix Labor’s 2011 legislation and then conduct a full review to solve the issue of body corporate once and for all.”

Mr Bleijie said the review would incorporate a number of Acts and shape the future of property law in Queensland.

“As part of the broader review we will look at how body corporate schemes are determined, community management statements, dispute resolution and respond to the review of management rights,” he said.

“It is critical to look at these broader property measures with a view to reducing red tape, regulation and property law duplication.

“Public consultation and input will feature as part of the legislative review and the terms of reference and review processes will be announced shortly.”