SA Police has been forced to retract an offer of a gift card prize for the officer who issues the most speeding and traffic fines.

SA Police has issued a statement saying a manager bought a gift card and offered it in an email to the officer who made the “greatest contribution to road safety” during Operation Fatal Distraction, measured by the number of traffic infringement notices and cautions issued.

The email has been retracted and officers informed that the incentive is against official policy.

“The incentive offered was a gift card purchased by the manager from their own funds,” police said.

“The email instruction has been recalled and SAPOL staff have been advised that the advice in the email is not to be actioned and is contrary to SAPOL's policy and practices.”

Operation Fatal Distraction was a week-long crackdown on motorists committing distraction-based offences behind the wheel, including using a mobile phone, interacting with social media and any other behaviour that may cause inattention.

SA Police insisted officers had no quota for issuing fines.

“The practice of offering incentives is not supported or condoned,” police said.

“Police officers dealing with breaches of the road rules have the discretion to determine the most appropriate action under the circumstances.

“This may include the issue of an expiation notice or a formal caution.”

The matter will be subject to a formal review.