Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has not ruled out a cabinet reshuffle or even the addition of extra ministers in a performance review later this year.

Ms Palaszczuk is living up to a pre-election promise to reduce the size of her cabinet to 14 ministers, down from the 19 appointed under the former LNP government.

But the reduction has left some ministers covering several large portfolios.

Ms Palaszczuk says those MPs are coping with the workload, and is remaining silent whether extra positions would be created.

“Premiers at the end of the year look at how the Government is travelling and how the ministers are travelling,” she said.

“My ministers are working very hard and I'm confident that they're delivering for Queenslanders.

“It makes it a lot easier for me to deal with I must say too as Premier, when you don't have 18 ministers to deal with.

“I can get across their portfolios very quickly, I can see more ministers on a regular basis, I can make sure they are meeting the objectives that I have set them, so I believe it is going well.”

Ms Palaszczuk is quiet on the chances of a reshuffle.

“A premier always makes the decision taking into account all of the facts at the end of the year,” she said.

Meanwhile, the appointment of directors-general to head up the departments of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and Science, Information Technology and Innovation, has been pushed back.

All directors-general had to reapply for their after Labor took office in February, and it appears that the two still open will now be readvertised.

Ms Palaszczuk said it was important to find the right people.

“With my firm focus on Advance Queensland, the focus on business development and commercialisation, I believe that we can attract a top class person to that job,” she said.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said it had already taken too long.

“Six months of limbo, already potentially months more limbo, and particularly in critical portfolio areas such as infrastructure in Queensland where we do need to have a plan finally from this Government,” he said.