Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has officially opened Origin’s $810 million Mortlake Power Station, the largest of it's kind in the State.


The peaking power station, which typically supplies electricity during periods of high demand, is located 12km west of Mortlake in western Victoria, approximately 220km west of Melbourne.


“This plant means more certainty and reliability for Victorian families when demand peaks – especially in the summer time,” Mr Baillieu said.


“The development of this gas-powered plant, which has been in the making for four years and employed more than 350 people during construction, is hugely beneficial because it again adds to the diversified energy mix in Victoria, and will help meet our future energy needs.


“This project represents a significant investment by Origin Energy in regional Victoria. It is a vote of confidence not only in Victoria as a place to do business, but also to the strength of our privatised energy network and the huge potential of our natural resources,” Mr Baillieu said.


Origin Managing Director, Mr Grant King said, "The Mortlake Power Station represents a considerable investment by Origin in Victoria and adds to the Company's significant presence in the state. This includes Origin's position as Victoria's largest energy retailer servicing 1.1 million customers and operator of the Otway and BassGas gas facilities.


"Mortlake Power Station is active demonstration of Origin's integrated strategy, whereby the energy demands of our customers are supported by our large and flexible portfolio of power stations, many of which are fuelled by the Company's natural gas resources," Mr King said.


Mortlake Power Station is a highly efficient open cycle power station which will help guarantee electricity supply reliability for Victorians at the times of greatest need. During these periods, Mortlake has the ability to immediately respond – it can be switched on and commence generating electricity within approximately five minutes.