Two Northern Territory police officers have been charged with drug offences.

A 43-year-old male officer has been charged with possession and supply of a schedule one dangerous drug.

He is also accused of distributing cocaine to a 28-year-old female colleague.

The officers, reportedly Senior Constables, were based in the Darwin Command centre.

The man has also been charged with stealing and possessing a firearm whilst unlicensed, relating to a police-issued weapon “stolen from a police facility”.

At least one of the supply offences allegedly occurred on duty.

“I wish to reassure the community it wasn't police officers distributing drugs to the wider community. It will be alleged that the drug supply was between the two officers,” NT Police Deputy Commissioner Murray Smalpage said.

NT Police officers may now face mandatory drug testing, with NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker discussing the matter with Police Minister Nicole Manison.

“Northern Territory Police officers are not subject to any drug testing,” Deputy Commissioner Smalpage said.

“It is one of those issues that is live at the moment that no doubt we'll be discussing with the Government… as a measure to identify and help keep our officers safe and keep the community safe.”

Deputy Commissioner Smalpage said it was “extremely disappointing” for the Northern Territory Police Force.

“1,585 other police officers will be watching this with a degree of frustration and disappointment, as well as I am,” he said.

“I'm extremely disappointed that two of our own engaged in that sort of activity.

“Appropriate steps will be taken, up to and including dismissal from the police force,” he said.

Both officers have been suspended without pay, and will appear in court in October.