The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is calling for public submissions for its review into local government red tape.


The calls come after the Tribunal released its Local government compliance and enforcement issues paper, which aims to review and identify ways to reform local government compliance and enforcement practices that are imposing unnecessary costs on businesses, communities and the council themselves.


IPART’s Chairman Peter Boxall said the Issues Paper canvasses the key areas to be investigated through the review, identifies possible reform opportunities and explains how their potential impacts would be valued.


“Local government’s responsibilities are broad and the way regulations are enforced impacts everything from planning, building, and parking to public health and safety, environmental protection and companion animal management,” Dr Boxall said.


“This review is seeking to find specific, practical solutions to reduce red tape and unnecessary costs across all of these areas.


“To do so, we need information, examples and case studies from businesses, local councils and the broader community to ensure that the recommendations for change will achieve the best possible outcomes,” Dr Boxall said.


“In particular, we are seeking information on:


  • the specific local government compliance and enforcement activities that are imposing unnecessary costs on business and the community
  • any impediments to local government applying efficient and effective compliance and enforcement practices, and
  • ideas for reforms to reduce unnecessary costs to business and the community.


The full report can be found here