A Tasmanian Government pay deal could see nurses and firefighters get a 2 per cent pay rise before Christmas, but police officers will have to go without.

The Government has tabled its latest offer, which would give nurses and firefighters annual pay rises of 2 per cent for the next two years, backdated to the start of December.

But police would have to wait 18 months for their new deal to kick in.

The terms of the agreement are roughly in line with other state public servants, who were given increases on December 4 following tough wage freeze negotiations between unions and the Government.

Because the Police Association agreed to the Government's 18-month pay freeze proposal, they will not be 860 public servant sackings slated for 2015.

Police will get to see their new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement for a vote early next year.

Reports say the deal includes a 2 per cent pay rise mid-2016 and another 2 per cent increase 12 months later.

Senior police could get a 1 per cent increase on top of that for regular officers.

CPSU's Tom Lynch has told the ABC that the different deals for different departments were creating a bizarre situation.

“I think there's total confusion as to what the Government's wage policy is,” he said.

The public service cuts are one of the main parts of the Tasmania’s strategy to address a budget deficit of more than $117 million.