The Queensland Government will set up a new trade office to spruik the state’s high-quality beef in Jakarta.

The Indonesian Government has approved the plan to re-open the currently abandoned office after the country agreed to increase Australia's live cattle import quota by 25,000.

A commissioner has not yet been appointed, but the plan is rolling ahead with projections that the office will open around the end of this year. Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls says it will promote Queensland beef in the ongoing negotiations about live cattle exports, as well as trade and investment opportunities in tourism and education.

Beef exports were hastily banned in 2011 following television reports of animal welfare abuses at abattoirs in Indonesia, the industry has been slow to recover in the two years since the ban.

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls said: “When John McVeigh, the [Queensland] Minister for Agriculture came to Indonesia two months ago, and had some direct conversations, we were able to achieve some significant advantages for beef producers, including a bring forward of the quota to help our beef exporters... we're seeking it across the board, not in any one particular area... there's obviously value in having someone who knows the Queensland side of the story here promoting Queensland in Jakarta.”