All aged-care homes have been instructed to offer their staff a flu vaccination.

Last year's flu season saw about 1,000 people aged over 65 die due to complications related to influenza.

Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt says just two aged care centres saw 18 people killed by the virus last year.

“Alarmingly, in these two locations, well under half of the staff had been vaccinated,” Mr Wyatt said.

“Infection control was further compromised as dozens of staff were struck down with the flu, compounding a deadly situation.

“What this policy will do is offer every person a flu vaccination.”

A vaccination rate of 95 per cent among staff is needed for herd immunity, but very few actually have that vaccination rate.

Mr Wyatt says all aged care facilities must offer their staff a flu jab, but staff will not be forced to accept it.

The influenza vaccine is free for people over 65 years of age.

Mr Wyatt said those visiting aged care homes should consider getting the flu shot too.