The Western Australian Government has apologised for an “oversight” in its cultural diversity report, almost entirely ignoring the indigenous populations.

The report simply stated that 70,000 people identified as indigenous in WA, not making mention of the vast array of different languages, histories and cultures being lumped together under a single banner.

Member for the Kimberley Josie Farrer, has described the omission as "insulting"; "I looked through it [the report] and thought I must have overlooked, so I read it back again, front page to back page, I then contacted another colleague and asked if they had read the report and said 'Look, there's no mention here of Aboriginal people. None whatsoever'," she said.

The Minister for Multicultural Interests Mr Mike Nahan has apologised on behalf of his department, saying "I guess the Office of Multicultural Interests focuses on the culturally and linguistically diverse, and mainly migrants... it's an oversight to not include Aboriginal people in that profile, and I apologise for that."